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Story Of Steamlander

Steamland is formed with unique and captivating storyline, where each of the stories are divided into chapters that you can read below.
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Once upon a time, there was a group of individuals who didn't fit into human society. People were often scared of them beacuse of their unusual appearance and extraordinary creativity. Their inventions and way of life were simply not accepted by others. Being pushed out of society, they headed towards the cruel desert to seek a new home. Gathering together, they began building small shelters in order to survive the endless desert storms. As the community grew, so did their machines and technologies, until one brave innovator headed towards the sky using the power of wind and steam. The community followed him, realizing that their future lay hidden in the sky. Rumors of their newfound land spread all across the world, and many went on the journey to find the flying city.
Pack your bags and head on a journey!
Chapter 2 - The Citadel
History speaks about the very first building in the Steamland. Stories say it was once a house of the first Steamlander. People gather to worship the place and to give their prayers towards the ancients. They call it the Citadel, center of everything. Some say it powers all the steam engines, keeping the city above. What we know for sure is that Steamland was formed around. House after house connecting with each other. At the beginning with simple ropes, then with bridges, later with roads available to fit even an elephant during a parade. Since every machine is running on steam, it became the most valuable resource. Steamlanders even appreciate it more than gold. Those that are sitting on loads of it use to be called Lords. However, steam isn’t easy to manipulate. You can’t carry it around in jars.
The question is where do you put all that precious steam to be protected from the thieves and outsiders? In Steamland's Bank! Storing all the city supplies, founded by the first creators also known as a council. Tokens named $VENT were introduced shortly after as the council agreed to release a currency exchangeable for steam stored within the bank, making trade easier among the people of the flying city.
Harvest your $VENT, use it for airdrop, raffles and auctions or upgrade your Steamlander to an animated version gaining you even more
Chapter 3 - The Skies
Clouds gave them protection, but soon enough satisfaction disappeared. Hunger for knowledge was driving Steamlanders to explore and see the possibilities waiting in the sea of unknown. Heading towards the expeditions, building mighty ships, and sailing thru the sky was bringing new hopes to the life of our Steamlanders. Many are looking for glorious treasure, some for other efficient ways to gather steam.
Remember, finding the rarest artifacts of ancient civilizations takes time and commitment, many came back empty-handed. Only the true Steam Lord is worthy of glory awaiting inside the hidden treasure.
Build a ship, upgrade it with $VENT or SOL, and send your crew on an expedition to find treasure containing valuable prizes! Better ships with bigger crews complete your missions faster with a higher success rate.
Chapter 4 - The Bazaar
The glory of Steamland was thriving and hitting its peaks. $VENT became a respected currency across the globe. Traders from far were coming to the gates, offering their goods and services. A well-known merchant was offering gems of unimaginable value, but due to his selfishness, he wasn’t allowed to join the Steamland. He made his shop beneath the city in hopes of Steamlanders coming to buy his items. You guessed it right, he wasn’t the only one with this idea. Soon the great bazaar was built beneath the flying city.
However, nobody seems to be coming to the merchant. He distances himself from others and doesn't come out in the daylight. Something feels strange, there must be a reason after all.
Use your $VENT to buy WL, IRL Items, Tickets to IRL events and much more! We will be hosting IRL Events available exclusive to Steamlanders. Trade at Bazaar, a marketplace for everyone interested in a trade with $VENT.
Chapter 5 - The War
A dark storm has gathered upon the Steamland, bringing darkness and the smell of upcoming war. Deep inside the city, a group of saboteurs tried to interrupt peaceful living. Attacks on Steamlanders started to occur more often, Steamland was in the middle of chaos. Doomsday was yet to come, as many parts of the city segregated themself and created factions. People wearing color bands as a symbol of difference are seen across the city, chemists fighting with botanists, mathematicians with engineers.
Hopes of raising the new Champion to rule over the city are spread among them all. Will it be you, the one that saves Steamland from its fall and gets all the might and glory?
Steamland’s gaming servers bring popular games with a unique $VENT-powered economy. Create factions to battle against each other. Compete in Steamland’s hosted championships for valuable prizes and show us if you can be the winner.
Chapter 6 - The New City
Behold, behold! Feast your eyes upon this captivating image of our glorious flying city, soaring through the skies with boundless ambition. And look out, because we have countless adventures waiting for us in this world of possibilities. Together, let us begin to tread the uncharted path of joy and friendship, weaving memories that will be forever etched in the tapestry of our lives. Are you ready to embrace the exhilarating odyssey that awaits us?