$VENT Token

We have also developed Steamland's own token called $VENT, with a total supply of 33,000,000 $VENT. $VENT is utilized as the central currency within the Steamland ecosystem.
To access the smart contract, please click on the attached link below.
With various activities, such as staking, games, merchandise, contributing to the community, or engaging in special events, can also reward you with $VENT. The more actively you participate and contribute, the more opportunities you have to earn $VENT and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Steamland with many other things in the future that will soon to be updated.
Currently, we are doing a weekly giveaway of $VENT tokens to active members of the Steamland's social networks. As our team makes progresses and gets closer towards completing the upgrades on our new arts and preparing for the relaunch, we are committed to keeping Steamland holders informed and updated with any additional details.
$Vent token visualization