Get more $VENT

Here we go! This is what we have been waiting for.

We are digging to create games, not only for Steamlanders but also for visitors of Steamland, so that we can play and have fun together. It's not just one game, we are planning to make three games in the near future. All of these games will utilize $VENT and $SOL as transaction tools, ensuring that everyone can play them together.
  • Vent Flip: Some of you may already familiar with this coin flipping game. We will create our own version where with just one click, you can bet your $VENT and potentially win more $VENT. Additionally, you will have the option to bet with $SOL. Test your luck and give it a try! 🔗 Link :
  • Sky City: This is our best game plan that we are going to create! We are developing a game that can be accessed by anyone, all at once. You can think of it as a virtual Steamland Flying City. In this game, you will have the opportunity to meet each other, explore the city of Steamland, discover hidden objects, and embark on missions to have fun together. 🔗 Link : TBA
Last modified 5mo ago