In addition to the exciting collaborations and artwork releases, we are also planning to host competitions to engage and energize Steamland community on Discord and other platforms. These competitions will serve as an invitation to talented individuals to showcase their skills and join the vibrant atmosphere of the flying city. Once the minting process is complete, we will announce and organize various competitions with enticing prizes. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming competitions and be prepared to showcase your talents in the world of Steamland!
  • "Story of My Steamlander" : Create a prologue about your own Steamlander Gen2 background story and perosnality. In this competition, participants have the freedom to express their unique thoughts, emotions, and opinions regarding their Steamlander Gen2. They can share personal anecdotes, adventures, or even delve into the dreams and aspirations they associate with their Steamlander. The goal is to craft a captivating narrative that allows the holders to truly understand and connect with each other's journey as a Steamlander.
  • "Trading competitions" : We will host periodic trading competitions on the platform, allowing users to compete against each other and showcase their ability to make profitable trades. The winners will have the opportunity to receive Steamlander Gen2 as a reward.
  • "Leaderboards" : We will create leaderboards that display the rankings of the top traders, lenders, and borrowers on the platform. These leaderboards will serve as a motivational tool, encouraging holders to strive for better performance and work towards earning a higher ranking.
  • "Raids to Earn" : We will reward each holder who raids their Twitter account with $VENT or $SOL, based on a specific number of likes and retweets.
  • "Art Competition" : Our primary objective in creating this art competition is to discover talented artists whom we would like to invite to join our flying city. We hope to establish long-term collaborations with these artists, fostering a vibrant and creative community within Steamland.
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