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Mint Funds Allocation

Steamland will allocate 25% for the team This reserve will provide a safety net for the team and ensure that we have the resources we need to continue to build and maintain the platform over the long term. This reserve can be used for hiring new team members, and other expenses that may arise in the course of running a successful project. Steamland will allocate 35% for future project development The development areas that will be taken from this function will include partnerships, collaborations with other projects, games, building new protocols, research and development of new technologies that can be integrated into Steamland's platforms. Steamland will allocate 25% for holder actvity We will allocate a portion of the funds for activities that we will regularly hold on Discord or other platforms. Some of the allocations includes competition prizes, merchandise, giveaways and more. Steamland will allocate 15% for marketing The remaining funds will be utilized to increase exposure and expand our community on social networks, such as collaborations between NFT influencers, 1/1 Solana artists and other promotions. Through these strategic initiatives, we aspire to elevate the profile of Steamland and attract a larger audience, growing number of visitors and enthusiasts.