Welcome to Steamland!

What is Steamland?

Steamland is a flying city that we have built together. Everyone who stays in Steamland is considered as a Steamlander. Together, we are creating an entirely new city and it’s environment to progress collectively. With owner-exclusive advantages, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that empowers and rewards Steamlanders, magnifying their impact, and driving towards collective success. We strive to empower the Solana community in ways never been before.
Currently, we have successfully launched the free mint of Steamland Gen1 in September 2022, and we have achieved an all-time high value of 2 $SOL floor price. We consider this to be an extraordinary accomplishment as it has allowed us to establish a strong team and community, despite the fact that it was a free mint project. However, we don't plan to stop there. In July 2023, we have exciting plans to upgrade it to Steamland Gen2, which will bring numerous benefits to Steamland holders. We will provide a clear explanation of these benefits on this whitepaper.

Who we are?

We are a group of 6 core teams and 7 gear teams from all over the world, talented individuals who are always passionate and eager to learn something new, driven by our love for digital art and Web3, we made a conscious decision to merge our passion with our individual skill sets. Our goal is to make Steamland popular and stand out as a pioneer in it's class, attracting visitors from all around the world. Moreover, in Steamland, we continuously innovate to create unique experiences like no other.
We have been building Steamland since 2022, and although we are relatively new, we are prepared to develop impactful contributions that resonate with Steamland community, gaining valuable insights for holders and deliver value to the Web3. We are confident in our team's experiences, progressing together towards our goals.
We sincerely hope that you can join Steamland and be a part of this journey together!
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